Silver Fern Farms

Over the past 10 years Silver Fern Farms have moved from being a separate set of entities to a unified producer developing innovative ways to bring the finest red meat products to the world. This demanded a re-think and total re-design of the offer - a new New Zealand standard.

The iconic name and symbol set the producer as the driver of quality standards.

The story is multi-faceted. Talking to the origins of quality unique to the company.

Driven by a commitment to the finest red meat products, in both foodservice and retail environments, produced at the highest standard, by the people who wrote the book on lamb, beef and venison.

Silver Fern Farms has dramatically expanded its reach and presence, leading from the front in one of New Zealand's most important industries.

A flexible and dynamic brand, Silver Fern Farms is 100% Made of New Zealand, and proudly taking it to the world.

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