New Zealand Film Commission

When two agencies combined to the create The New Zealand Film Commission there was a need to organise and clarify storytelling under a single, cohesive identity.

Positioning New Zealand to the wider film making world as a place with the talent and imaginations to make the extraordinary happen. Sharing the magic of our place, the authentic connections of our people, and the possibilities of what we can create together.

Inspired by the iconic forms of Gordon Walters’ work, the design system evolved from the existing New Zealand Film Commission brand while retaining the integrity of Walters forms.

The powerful symbolism of the koru is a representation of new life, dynamism and perpetual movement. The two opposing linear directions indicate us sharing our people and talents with the world, then welcoming the world to New Zealand.

The design system exists to support and hero the art of film, rather than steal the show. It is designed to welcome every person in and allowing them to engage with the brand across all touchpoints.

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