Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research

A land like no other, Aotearoa’s biodiversity, geography and environment defines us as a people, and needs our care.

Simply translated, Manaaki means to cherish, conserve, and sustain. Whenua encompasses the soil, rocks, plants, animals and the people inhabiting the land – the tangata whenua.

The logo is created from two koru, representing balance between strength and growth. A kinetic circle that captures the constant balance and interconnectivity of people, place and environment.

An expression of cycles of life, learning and nature, and for Manaaki Whenua – the intergenerational science that shares how we can all live in harmony with our land.

An organisation of individuals and experts, bound together by a driving desire and responsibility to protect our land through science. Tone of Voice guidelines help scientists and publishers within the organisation write in a way that builds greater understanding with audiences.

By creating access with this rich wealth of knowledge, we in turn build a culture and new generation of guardians. Protectors who can each do their part to care for our land today, for tomorrow.

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