Designworks Toast

The Toast Project is about sharing an insight into how we work together, through meaningful connections and collaborations. Bringing people together in creating recipes, a book and a creative event.

So much more than a cookbook, it’s the stories, and creativity of our people working together that makes it truly special. As a studio we know great ideas don’t come from one person or one thought, it’s all the little conversations, with lots of different creative minds that add up to create truly great work. Toast has become our metaphor for this, a crunchy, flavourful base with endless possibilities.

The covers of the book introduce the blank canvas, while the content inside heroes the creativity and personalities of our people – across our studios. Each recipe styled and signed by the toast maker as a personal touch.

The event was a natural extension of the book. A toast to partnerships, to us and our clients working together. The structure of the event took our clients on the journey behind the scenes of the project, sharing an insight into how we work.

Where clients could be a part of the action and flex their culinary skills creating their own sweet toast creation. Recipe cards and a polaroid camera were there to document and record the recipes as the evening progressed.

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