Designworks Honey

This story of our honey is close to our hearts, and part of a series of initiatives that work to positively affect our studio, our clients and our community. Atop our studio roof is one of these, a new home for honeymaking. It’s our way of bringing bees back to the city, starting with 3 hives and 60,000 honeybees.

This gift is one of 250, a single origin edition of pohutukawa and clover honey. Each drop carefully harvested and hand pressed by Designworkers alongside our local beekeeper.

A limited edition product that echoes the history of our studio as a gallery, with each gift handwritten, numbered and individually addressed as a thoughtful piece of art.

The tall, elongated structure is reminiscent of our rooftop beehives and is in the bright sun yellow of our brand palette. A hexagonal motif is used throughout the packaging consistently to hint at what’s inside before the honey is revealed. With the thought of a second life, the gift also includes a beeswax candle for the vessel to be used as a candleholder or a vase.

It is the story of our collaborators and makers that gives this piece our real brand signature of ‘working naturally’, a narrative explained in the booklet held neatly within the packaging.

This is an ongoing project for us, a way of creating a real difference; by using design in small ways that work, that add up to a lot of good and positivity.

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