Coastguard New Zealand App

For over 30 years, Coastguard New Zealand has been saving Kiwi lives at sea. In a world of rapidly moving technology and changing consumer expectations, it is vital that they remain relevant and able to continue doing what they do best. They needed an easy to use, accessible and effective digital tool to help them keep people safe out at sea.

An app that provides boaties with access to the data, key safety tools and functionality they need anywhere, anytime.

“Boating can be tricky, and at times a little dangerous. It takes years to build up the kind of knowledge to master what you’re doing out there.”

The app is like a trusted mate out on the water, keeping an eye on you and helping you out with heaps of handy tips and tricks – all in one super simple and easy to use tool.

With a design system that was both ‘anchored’ (functional and hardworking), and ‘buoyant’ (characterful storytelling and illustrating scenarios), the simplicity, functionality and mechanical nature was designed to resonate with our target audience of ‘fisho’s’.

Safety in the hand.

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