Designworks Christmas Gift

A gift that shares an insight into how Designworks works together within the studio and in partnership with clients. Creating meaningful connections and brighter outcomes.

With an aim to share a little sweetness with clients, a series of natural pieces of edible art were created to accompany a set of bespoke prints. Individually hand painted by Designworkers and made in collaboration with contemporary local chocolate makers, House of Chocolates, each bauble features colours drawn from the prints and a burst of yellow positivity from the Designworks palette.

The ampersand is a symbol of collaboration and partnership and acts as a connector, allowing for complementary pairings. There is a series of five bespoke ampersands, individually screen printed, handwritten and numbered as a thoughtful piece of art from Designworks for its clients. You & Us.

‘You & Us’ celebrates creativity shared to make design truly work.

What we did

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