& Sans

& Sans was developed as a bespoke font for Designworks, moving the studio's identity forward by adding flex, creating simplicity and giving the design company's message room to breathe.

Simple and stripped back, layered and intriguing. Combining old and new, form and function, and coming out the other side with something that embodies the idea of more & less.

Designed to be multi-use, & Sans is perfect for both display and body text, as a portfolio or design studio typeface. Created using a distinctly geometric letterform structure and sharp reoccurring angles, it is both expressive and unassuming, flexible and structured, raw and refined.

& Sans is balanced, full-bodied and open. It is characterful, quirky and chameleonic. Beginning with the central theme of ‘more & less’ it is a typeface that allows you to shout and shush, enrich and simplify, smile and wink or say it straight-faced.

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