Business outside the square


When Macquarie Goodman merged with three leading international property groups to create the world's foremost commercial and industrial property business, we were commissioned to align the newly merged teams behind a common single vision and create a brand that revolutionised the category.
We created a global internal engagement and alignment campaign across the four businesses as a precursor to the launch of a single unified brand. This alignment paid huge dividends for the business who experienced a surge of performance and growth through the merger and following the launch of the new brand, a very different experience to most merger situations.
The brand itself was launched amongst huge internal excitement and quickly established Goodman as the standout brand in the category.
The brand system rejects the category norm of generic images and superfluous words for a structured simple language system that creates clear messaging whilst differentiating the brand dramatically.
The simplicity of the system also allows significant cost and resource savings, whilst presenting a consistent expression of the brand.
The launch of Goodman created a big stir. Not only had the business achieved a huge integration task but they had quickly and dramatically established Goodman as the global category leader.